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hear my story here by thethreewillows hear my story here by thethreewillows
Here is a story,
it's mine as I'm the main character.
It's not just mine as there's always other players.
Hear my story here please.

The story is long as there's much to tell,
I won't tell it all but will relay to you the highlights.
Please try to take some time as we're all caught up in our busy lives, to here my story.
I'm just one person who happens to have some skills.
I'm simply one bieng who had an idea.
All I did was follow through with what I believed I should do.
My skills seems to be many as I fall into several categorizes.
Artist seems to be a label I wear.
PLease don't just see the clothes I wear, it's expression.
It's also there to challenge others to see beyond what the eye preceives.

Scandalous in many ways, controversial too.
It's my look, it's my talk, it's my sexuality.
But too I'm controversial because I am Buddhist.
Silly you might say but I'm not passive in my position..

Not a religion, a philosophy.
I'm not a preacher, I'm just a doer and thinker.
The simple message is the power of hope, the need for compassion.
the philosophy is about simplicity and defeating inner negativity.

This is my story, but it's not mine.
I stand for what I believe.
I believe that we're in crisis as a species.
I believe fear in all it's forms runs rampant.
I know that many have hope and want the world to be better.

In Aug of 2008, I tried to do soemthing.
I attempted to speak-up for my beliefs.
With my Buddhist teachings to inspire me, I sought to hold a concert event.
This event was to co-incide with the Olympics games in China.
You see, I live in Vancouver BC the host city to those 2010 games.
Because I stated that I was Buddhist,
Because I choose to hold my concert at this time I became a controversy in my city. As they told me, "Tibet is bad for business."

I was insulted as the music community choose not to support me,
after I had so often been so supportive and giving to them.
I chose to express to them how I felt about this.
It didn't go over well, as all our egos came into play.

After I failed to bring about this concert,
I decided to do something else.
On Aug, 04 I sat down at my desk to meditate as I often do.
I was prepared to sit for days if I needed to.
I wanted them to see my thoughts as they flowed, so I wrote online as I sat.
The term I would apply to this process is: an artistic meditiation.

This is complex, I know.
But please hear my story as I tell it here.
I sat for 77 days.
Only breaking to get food and see my doc, as my health and safety were issues.
I ended because I had to.
It lasted so long because of apathy.

I'm sad to say that as I sat others watched me.
From the other side the screen as they looked and judged me crazy while I worked abstractly.
They mocked me as I came across weird in my complex ways.
I took it.

That was then and this is now,
on Aug 04 it will be one yr since I entered this state, I did so for a reason.
It was to create unity, to foster a sense of hope in others.
I believe others should know what I did.

It's been one yr, since that time I've remained in relative seclusion.
I've continued on my artwork which I believe carries a message of hope and empowerment.
My work is meant to challenge people to see past the body and into the heart and mind of a person.
I had hoped that those I've had tension with would want to see that I'm more than the awful person they think I am.
I had hoped that other artists and musicians would want to work with me.

After one yr, I am doing what I need to do to do what I must do.
My goal is to inspire humanity to want to save our species.
I believe that art is an important method of communication.
The world needs to hear a message: that we're in crisis and must work together to save ourselves.
That fear is a foe and with courage we can overcome.

I am just one person. This is part of my story, thank you for hearing it here.
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fey-miyuuki Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013
awesome picture and awesome story.keep going !!!
TurnballAC Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2009
Noble venture, saving humanity. I want to do my part to save my city but I'm afraid it's already dead. It has been since before I was born. No industry, no direction, no real hint from any of the politicians or powers that be of any kind of future beyond growing debt and pointless ventures. Our mayor is killing local culture and digging Birmingham deeper in the hole in the hopes that his wild idea to have the Olympics held here in 2012 will erase 38 years of urban decay and breathe life into the Magic City. Sadly I have no influence, no idea how to put my talent to work in any meaningful way. Doesn't mean I'll give up on wanting to make a difference though, not when I can look past the crime to see what Birmingham once was. Maybe one day my voice will make a difference.
thethreewillows Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2009
i think maybe it just did.
JPelmen Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2009
wow very interesting story, keep up your good work! :thumbsup::nod:
thethreewillows Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2009
thanks for reading and I'll do my best to do so.
JPelmen Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2009
Great! :thumbsup:
you're very welcome ^_^
Lanhosone Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2009
great story. straight.
thethreewillows Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2009
thank you
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